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2014-07-25 Optomen — Fremont, USA

Monumental Mysteries: A Communist Comes to America

A strange dramatization of the Lenin of Poprad coming to Seattle saga compiled for a series Monumental Mysteries, published under ...


2014-02-14 Tomáš Fülöpp — Sint-Agatha-Berchem, Belgium


Demo Show the link, title, and the lead image from Wikipedia article on Richard Feynman: puzzler:wikipedia-matching-url:Richard ...

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Wikipedia: a piece of puzzle
2013-09-29 Tomáš Fülöpp — Sint-Agatha-Berchem, Belgium


Aj keď sám nie som veriaci, nemám nič proti viere ako takej. Ako ktosi už povedal, je to barla, ktorá pomáha pri chôdzi, ale prekáža ...


2013-08-16 Tomáš Fülöpp — Sint-Agatha-Berchem, Belgium

Drupal Performance Mantra: Crawl, Boost, Expire

The last thing we need to do is verification of the new cache logic. Consider your front page, two views (one using articles, the ...


Chase begins
2013-08-10 Tomáš Fülöpp — Sint-Agatha-Berchem, Belgium

Mathesiovy parafráze klasické čínské poezie

Sbírky klasické čínské poezie přebásněné Bohumilem Mathesiem. ...

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2013-05-15 Tomáš Fülöpp — New York City, USA

Sir, Your Head Is Bleeding

Cestou na DrupalCon v Portlande som si chcel urobiť krátku prestávku v New Yorku. Túžil som sa aspoň na dva dni stať obyvateľom toho ...

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2012-11-25 Tomáš Fülöpp — Sint-Agatha-Berchem, Belgium

Re-development of the Encyclopedia of World Problems

Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential, initiated in 1972 by a collaboration between two international non-profits, the ...

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2011-05-02 Tomáš Fülöpp — Sint-Agatha-Berchem, Belgium

The Che Guevara of al-Qaeda

It is possible that he US government decided not to repeat mistakes that took place in relation to the other well-known terrorist / ...

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Young Osama bin Laden
2010-12-07 Tomáš Fülöpp — Sint-Agatha-Berchem, Belgium

Osama Bin Laden and Other Bloggers Conjured up by Google AI

Other research The phenomenon of "phantom authors" has been experienced by others, especially with respect to Google Scholar. The ...


Osama bin Laden
2010-12-06 Tomáš Fülöpp — Brussel, Belgium

TEDx Brussels 2010

A few quick notes from this year's edition of TEDx in Brussels. Frank Tipler The Ultimate Future. The universe is a finite state ...


2010-08-23 Tomáš Fülöpp — Copenhagen, Denmark

Google Heartbeat

Without missing a beat Another summer day at Mountain View, CA, another day for stunning news in the world of mass consumer ...

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Google Heartbeat
2008-12-04 Tomáš Fülöpp — Sint-Agatha-Berchem, Belgium

Paul Otlet

Paul Otlet was a Belgian dreamer and visionary, and one of the forefathers of the Internet. One of his achievements was — together ...

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Paul Otlet
2007-08-29 Tomáš Fülöpp — Colombo, Sri Lanka

Brilliant Gallery

Configuration Path to the main folder in which your individual gallery folders will be placed. Such folder must exist under your ...

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Brilliant Gallery Drupal module screenshot
2007-06-04 Tomáš Fülöpp — Sint-Agatha-Berchem, Belgium

A Blend of Worlds

Second Life enjoys unprecedented boom of popularity. Business in that and many other virtual worlds is thriving, as are social ...

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2006-02-06 Tomáš Fülöpp — Sint-Agatha-Berchem, Belgium

Prehistoric Civilizations

The notion of limiting historical study to a roughly 5000-year span, out of a possible few million years of human existence, and to ...

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2006-01-13 Tomáš Fülöpp — Sint-Agatha-Berchem, Belgium


I've been a Drupal aficionado since sometime in 2005. At that time I tested several promising open-source content management systems ...

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Druplicon, the icon of Drupal
2005-04-17 Tomáš Fülöpp — Anderlecht, Belgium

The Last Page of the Internet

Congratulations, you have just reached the very Last Page of the Internet. We hope you have enjoyed your browsing. Now turn off your ...

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2005-04-16 Tomáš Fülöpp — Anderlecht, Belgium

A Methodology for the Analysis of Multi-processors

Abstract In recent years, much research has been devoted to the visualization of 2 bit architectures; unfortunately, few have ...


Figure 1
2004-08-02 Tomáš Fülöpp — Anderlecht, Belgium

Odysea plastových kačičiek

Boli časy, keď som bol taký malý, že mi vo vani z vody trčala len hlava - a aj to len od spodnej pery vyššie. Vtedy som sa často ...

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Obálka týždenníka Formát č. 31/2004
2004-06-29 Soňa Rebrová — Bratislava, Slovakia

V Mongolsku majú štyri mesiace prázdnin, v Mali deti dostávajú známky od 0 do 20

Keby ste sa aj s deťmi rozhodli presťahovať na iný koniec sveta, je možné, že by ste si v škole museli zvykať na iné hodnotenie ...

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Soňa Rebrová, SME, 29. jún 2004