Expedition Asia at Dawn

Green cedar leaves and gorgeous sun-glow
May be food for the immortals, but not for men;
The world is tough and real, my road full
Of hardship; nothing to cook, so leaving
The well stiff with ice; not clothing enough
So sleeping cold through the night; yet
It is bad to have one's wallet completely
Empty, so I leave a coin in it
Just to comfort me.

Tu Fu

Boarding a truck-turned-bus in Laos (1994)
Boarding a truck-turned-bus in Laos (1994)


An epic, ultra-low-budget journey around Asia. With my great friend, Dalibor, we wanted to prove that it was possible to get around exclusively by land transport!

132 days 

31,400 km

14 countries before returning back to Slovakia

  • Ukraine
  • Russia 
  • Mongolia 
  • China 
  • Vietnam 
  • Laos 
  • Thailand 
  • India 
  • Pakistan 
  • Iran 
  • Turkey 
  • Bulgaria 
  • Romania 
  • Hungary

Incidentally: we failed to prove our premise. Due to the situation in Burma at the time we could not cross that country and had to fly from Bangkok to Kolkata. But who cares, it was one of the most memorable adventures of our lives!

Denník expedície

Články a rozhovory


Fotoalbum expedície je zostavený prevažne zo skenov fotiek, ktoré sme dali urobiť z diapozitívov. Bohužiaľ nám na Indiu zostalo len pár posledných záberov, a potom sme si už nemohli dovoliť kúpiť ani jeden film, takže zvyšok cesty nie je dokumentovaný obrazom.



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