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2023-05-10 GPT — Sint-Agatha-Berchem, Belgium

The Carousel Keeper

Seventeen-year-old Alex Thompson had just been expelled from Fairmont Academy, leaving him lost and unsure of his future. Unwilling ...


Pastel drawing of a teenage boy at a carousel
2023-03-31 Tomáš Fülöpp — Sint-Agatha-Berchem, Belgium

Any Questions, GPT?

With the emerging power of GPT we will soon find ourselves in a world satiated with eloquent and plausible answers. But will it ever ...


2023-03-16 Tomáš Fülöpp — Barcelona, Spain

Marató Barcelona


2023-01-13 Tomáš Fülöpp — Sint-Agatha-Berchem, Belgium

Gatsby Plugin Pocket API

A source plugin for GatsbyJS that takes care of fetching data from Pocket API (a Mozilla project). This plugin is versioned at ...

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Pocket and GatsbyJS logos
2022-12-20 Milan Choma, Gabriela Fülöppová — Poprad, Slovakia

Osobnosti Kežmarku 20. storočia: Alojz Krupitzer



Obálka knihy Osobnosti Kežmarku 20. storočia
2022-09-06 Tomáš Fülöpp — Sint-Agatha-Berchem, Belgium

Product ID of the Universe

Thanks to Douglas Adams we know it took Deep Thought 7.5 million years to calculate the answer to the ultimate question of life, the ...


Universe Price Tiers
2022-07-10 Tomáš Fülöpp — Åndalsnes, Norway

Rush Hour at the Trollstigen Road

Hands slippery with cold sweat squeezing the steering wheel, eyes widened with fear, heart knelling in a cacophony that would give ...


2022-06-22 Tomáš Fülöpp — Sint-Agatha-Berchem, Belgium

Using CDN to Accelerate Drupal API Sourcing for GatsbyJS

Blazing fast frontend For those of us building decoupled websites and apps, Drupal CMS provides a full-featured, state-of-the-art ...

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Logos of Drupal, KeyCDN and GatsbyJS
2022-04-25 Tomáš Fülöpp — Relegem, Belgium

Eppur si muove


Sunrise in Relegem, Belgium
2022-04-23 Tomáš Fülöpp — Sint-Agatha-Berchem, Belgium

Dawn of Eternity

It doesn't happen to me often to wake up before the alarm clock. That tin rascal is almost always faster. But sometimes I manage to ...

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2022-04-19 Tomáš Fülöpp — Sint-Agatha-Berchem, Belgium

Čápek cestovatel

Byl jednou jeden půvabný venkovský dům s velkou zahradou. Zahrada byla plná krásných květin, keřů a stromů. Bylo to velmi poklidné ...

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A koi fish in Hong Kong
2022-04-12 Tomáš Fülöpp — Košice, Czechoslovakia

The Habit of Invading Neighbouring Countries

A rare footage of Russian army invading the city of Košice in eastern Czechoslovakia in August 1968. What a good luck it never ...


2022-03-01 Tomáš Fülöpp — Val Thorens, France

Gravity Assisted Gliding

A seemingly endless stream of skiers gliding down a gentle hill above Val Thorens. Beautiful weather, palpable peace, the majestic ...


2022-01-22 Gabriela Fülöppová — Poprad, Slovakia


Po šokujúcom vstupe vojsk Varšavskej zmluvy do Československa, ktoré propaganda odôvodňovala ako zamedzenie kontrarevolúcie, sa ...


Tank na Námestí osloboditeľov v Košiciach, 1968
2021-12-17 Thor Fülöpp, Tomáš Fülöpp — Sint-Agatha-Berchem, Belgium

#KidsDrawRockets Day 4

Thor's entry trending in #KidsDrawRockets on Twitter thanks to this wonderful visualization by Nick Henning. One can practically ...


A rocket roaring between the planets
2021-12-07 Tomáš Fülöpp — Sint-Agatha-Berchem, Belgium

JavaScript Implementation of Tarjan's Cycle Detection Algorithm

Tarjan's strongly connected components algorithm, published in paper Enumeration of the Elementary Circuits of a Directed Graph by ...

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Abstract from the original Tarjan's article
2021-10-10 Tomáš Fülöpp — Brussel, Belgium

The Legend of Nature

It's striking how children grow up embracing toy animals and their stories — while the real ones are mercilessly pushed out of ...


Children holding cardboard placards about green future
2021-09-14 Tomáš Fülöpp — Sint-Agatha-Berchem, Belgium

Kublai's Hug

If you, like me, at some point hesitated whether to continue watching the otherwise excellent series Marco Polo on Netflix, then I ...


Kublai's lethal hug
2021-08-30 Tomáš Fülöpp — Monte Argentario, Italy

Fitness Age Flattery

So my "Fitness Age" is, apparently, just 26 years. A preposterous flattery, but hey, thanks, @Garmin! Incidentally, what about top ...


Fitness age calculated by Garmin
2021-07-16 Tomáš Fülöpp — Sint-Agatha-Berchem, Belgium

When Did We Forget Our Dreams?

An older but timeless philosophical sketch by @xkcd.  It could be mistaken for a lengthy vulgar rant not worthy a cartoonist that, ...


When did we forget our dreams?