LimeBike Expanding to Space Travel Business?

LimeBike goes intercontinentalLimeBike goes intercontinental

Transportation company LimeBike, known globally for its lime-coloured electric scooters and bicycles, may be about to venture into space travel business!

Or so it seems from this record of a recent intercontinental ride from Brussels, Belgium to Seattle, WA, totalling 4935.2 miles in 9 minutes. That means an overwhelming speed close to 53 thousand km/h (almost 15 m/s, or Mach 43!)

Exceeding the escape velocity of Earth (11.2 km/s), the bike is clearly capable of roaming the Solar System!

And it appears to be brutally affordable; the incredible ride cost just $2.50!

Or could it be that LimeBike got very confused after I used one of their Seattle e-bikes with the app I normally use for their electric steps in Brussels?

Tomáš Fülöpp
Seattle, USA
April 9, 2019, May 26, 2019
Tomáš Fülöpp (2012)

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