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Several images from the computer platform whose user friendliness and stability has never been surpassed by PCs... Commodore Amiga.

A Commodore Amiga, for those who don't know, is a 16/32 bit computer system based on the Motorola 680x0 CPU and a few specially designed custom chips that provide very good graphics and sound capabilities. Its first incarnation, the A1000, appeared in 1985, followed by the highly successful A500 and A2000 models.

After good old Sinclair ZX Spectrum (first "rubber" 48k, "plus", then 128k) went out of development and pace with other products, sometimes in the 1990s I bought my first Amiga 500. Later on I upgraded to Amiga 1200, but then even Commodore, and the subsequent license holders, went bankrupt under the pressure of cheap (although worse performing) PCs...

These images I saved probably on January 3rd, 1999, shortly before selling my last Amiga.

Tomáš Fülöpp
Brussel, Belgium
Tomáš Fülöpp (2012)

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