Renowned Research Fellow Found Singing in a Dormitory!

According to our Eastern-European reporter, Dr. P. Bekaert, the well-known computer graphics expert from Belgium, has been found bottle-playing guitar and singing „like a bump“ in the filthy corridors of one of the less famous student dormitories in the suburbs of Bratislava, Slovenia. As you can see on this unique photograph supplied by our courageous investigators, renowned Dr. Beakert dwelled shamelessly amidst a container-load of apparently freshly-emptied wine bottles, heaps of food leftovers, and a bunch of very young girls in flimsy clothes! Asked for comment about his scandalous behaviour, Dr. Bekaert answered in a surprisingly high-spirited manner with a mysterious: „Dhar is the lente“. That quote has in turn baffled experts from our language services department that claim Belgian French vocabulary does not contain any of these words! What language did Dr. Bekaert use and why? And, there are other burning questions literally screaming for answers. Did Dr. Bekaert finally get his finger out of the bottle? Who is the mysterious maiden on the picture resting on bananas and dressed only in musical scores and a few plant leaves? What fashion house has produced the socks Dr. Bekaert is wearing? And what exactly has happened at Roswell?


Published in La Gazette de Bru, Bru, België, Saturday, May 12, 2001, p. 16

Tomáš Fülöpp
Brussel, Belgium
May 7, 2001, May 12, 2001
Tomáš Fülöpp (2012)

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