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Screenshot of the original gallery demoScreenshot of the original gallery demo

A highly customizable Drupal module producing multiple table galleries of quality-scaled images from a pre-defined local folder.

NEW as of 7.x-1.5: Support for a text field formatter! A new option for showing galleries -- just add a text field to any content type, select formatter "Brilliant Gallery"! In this field then enter any of your local gallery paths. Multiple text fields / galleries are supported as well. Getting galleries to show on your Drupal site has never been so easy! As of 7.x-1.6 there is one more formatter -- for showing one random image from a gallery -- excellent for a listing of example images from all galleries.
See see a cool demo video contributed by MisterBox.



Step-by-step installation

  1. Download the latest version of the Brilliant Gallery module from its Drupal home here.
  2. Enable the module in your Drupal ( /admin/build/modules in D6 or /admin/modules/list in D7 ).
  3. Go to Input Formats in your Drupal ( /admin/settings/filters in D6 or /admin/config/content/formats in D7 ) and via the "configure" link enable one of your input formats to recognize the Brilliant Gallery Tag.
  4. Using FTP, create a main folder in your 'files' directory that will hold all your future gallery folders. E.g. albums. You do not have to do this if you prefer your gallery folders to be located directly in your 'files' folder.
  5. Choose who can access to Brilliant Gallery in ( /admin/user/access in D6 or /admin/people/permissions/list in D7 ).
  6. Change the default settings for Brilliant Gallery in the admin section of your Drupal ( /admin/settings/brilliant_gallery in D6 or /admin/config/brilliant_gallery/settings in D7 ).
  7. Using FTP, create your gallery directory, e.g. bg_demo_bum, in the main folder you have created above. Still using FTP, upload all images into that directory. (Make sure the uploaded file names do not contain characters that are likely forbidden in your server's file system, such as "#" or ":")
  8. At /admin/settings/brilliant_gallery/manage you can see all your uploaded galleries and disable/enable display of any image.


There are several ways in which you can display your picture gallery.

• Add a (plain) text field to any content type, select formatter "Brilliant Gallery"! In this field then use any of your local gallery paths, a Picasa RSS link or a Google+ album URL. Multiple text fields / galleries are supported as well. To customize the gallery adapt the configuration (formatter has no separate settings). (Only for D7.)
• Anywhere in a node, using a special tag in the format [bg|path/to/your/gallery/folder/without/wrapping/slashes]. You only need to specify path within the main folder. You also can override many of the default settings using the full tag[bg|path/to/your/gallery/folder/without/wrapping/slashes |columncountoverride|widthoverride|sortorrandomoverride|maximumnumbertoshow|colouroverride|beginfromoverride|caption-yes-no-text]

The little gallery below shows first 10 images from folder called 'bg_demo_bum' that resides in the main folder 'albums', so it uses the following tag: [bg|bg_demo_bum|10|45|random|10|#000000]

To show just one image, say the 13th from the beginning (when sorted!), showing the caption, you use something like: [bg|bg_demo_bum|1|200|sort|1|#bbbbbb|13|What an image!]

• As a default block (only settings set forth in /admin/settings/brilliant_gallery apply).
• As a custom block. Create a block with a Brilliant Gallery Tag in it - e.g. the one in a column on this page was created simply using the following tag: [bg|bg_demo_bum|3|44|sort]
• To display a Picasa gallery, upload your images, in high quality, using the amazing Picasa desktop application (you can also touch them up, rotate, etc., but no need for resizing), then click synchronize your gallery with your Picasa Web Albums. Then, in your your web version of the album, right click & copy its "RSS" link, and simply use that link instead of the local path in the [bg|path] tag ... e.g. [bg|]. The pictures will be fetched automatically, resized as needed, and cached for later viewing.


None. Use Colorbox or Lightbox V2 to show gallery images in an overlay (recommended).

Planned features


The last Drupal 5 version (5.x-4.4) corresponds approximately to version 6.x-2.2 in Drupal 6 (basically, everything except for Picasa support). The Drupal 5 version of Brilliant Gallery will not be actively developed further (of course, with the exception of well-written patches that can quickly be committed).

If you use this module and find it useful, send me a link to your gallery and I'll consider listing it as an example.

All comments and patches providing or leading to improvements are welcome in the issue queue (don' post them in comments, they will probably be neglected there).

Tomáš Fülöpp
Colombo, Sri Lanka
August 29, 2007
Tomáš Fülöpp (2012)

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