Your lips are kissing (Randall Munroe  |  What If? 2)Your lips are kissing (Randall Munroe | What If? 2)

Ever think about how your top lip and bottom lip are kissing?

Another deliciously useless piece of insight by Randall Munroe, of fame, published in his book What If? 2.

Kissing is a supremely sensuous act due to the huge number of nerve endings in our lips and a flood of hormones like oxytocin, dopamine and endorphins. In most cultures it's also packed with symbolism of closeness, intimacy and love.
This sort of sums up what we imagine and understand when we hear the term "kiss".

It therefore takes a touch of genius to register that we also kiss simply by shutting our mouths!

I figured the situation described could possibly be termed "autokiss", employing the pattern of words like "autosuggestion" or "autodidact" to mean "self kiss".

Tomáš Fülöpp
Sint-Agatha-Berchem, Belgium
June 11, 2023
Tomáš Fülöpp (2012)

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