Human migration is the movement of people from one place to another with intentions of settling, permanently or temporarily, at a new location (geographic region).

The movement often occurs over long distances and from one country to another (external migration), but internal migration (within a single country) is also possible; indeed, this is the dominant form of human migration globally.

Migration is often associated with better human capital at both individual and household level, and with better access to migration networks, facilitating a possible second move. It has a high potential to improve human development, and some studies confirm that migration is the most direct route out of poverty.

Age is also important for both work and non-work migration.

People may migrate as individuals, in family units or in large groups. There are four major forms of migration: invasion, conquest, colonization and emigration/immigration.

Persons moving from their home due to forced displacement (such as a natural disaster or civil disturbance) may be described as displaced persons or, if remaining in the home country, internally-displaced persons.

An individual who flees to a different country due to political, religious, or other types of persecution in their home country can formally request shelter in the host country. This person is commonly referred to as an asylum seeker. If the application is approved, their legal classification changes to that of a refugee.

Source: Human migration (wikipedia.org)

BBC helps free suspected migrants stuck in refrigerated lorry

Six suspected migrants have been rescued from the back of a lorry in France, after the BBC helped track them down and alert the police. The four Vietnamese women and two Iraqi women were trapped inside, panicking and struggling to breathe. One of them spoke to the BBC from inside the lorry.

Essex lorry deaths: Marius Draghici jailed for more than 12 years

A people trafficker has been jailed for 12 years and seven months over the deaths of 39 Vietnamese migrants who died in a lorry container.Marius Draghici, 50, from Romania, admitted 39 counts of manslaughter and one count of conspiracy to assist unlawful immigration.

Lampedusa: Inside the camp at the heart of Europe’s migrant surge

Thousands of migrants arrived on the shores of Lampedusa last week, overloading local resources on the Italian island. BBC Trending's Reha Kansara and Newsnight's Emir Nader visited the holding centre, also known as the "Hotspot", where migrants are held. Lampedusa's Hotspot has seen busier days.

Hundreds of migrants killed by Saudi border guards - report

Saudi border guards are accused of the mass killing of migrants along the Yemeni border in a new report by Human Rights Watch. The report says hundreds of people, many of them Ethiopians who cross war-torn Yemen to reach Saudi Arabia, have been shot dead.

Fourteen days across the Atlantic, perched on a ship’s rudder

Four Nigerian stowaways set out for Europe on the rudder of a tanker. They had no idea they were bound for Brazil, and a two-week ocean voyage that would nearly kill them.

Diego Garcia: The tropical island ‘hell’ for dozens of stranded migrants

Dozens of migrants have been stranded for months on a tiny British territory in the Indian Ocean after being rescued from their struggling fishing boat.

Albanian prisoners paid by UK government to return home

Albanian authorities have confirmed that most of its citizens forcibly sent back home from the UK this year were convicted of crimes there. The BBC has spoken to those men sent home, and learnt that some prisoners were offered £1,500 to leave - and some plan to come back.

The Invisible Barrier Keeping Two Worlds Apart

In between two of the islands of Indonesia, there’s an ancient line that is both real and…not real. ***** PBS Member Stations rely on viewers like you. To support your local station, go to http://to.pbs.org/DonateEons ***** Produced by Complexly for PBS Digital Studios Super special thanks t

Spain: 'Migrants' flee plane after emergency Barcelona landing

Image source, Getty ImagesBBC NewsA group of 28 people have escaped from a plane after it made an emergency landing in Barcelona's El Prat airport in Spain, officials say.The emergency was caused by a pregnant woman on board the Morocco-Turkey flight faking labour, they added.

Spanish coastguard finds stowaways on ship rudder

Three stowaways have been found sat on the rudder of a ship after it completed an 11-day voyage from Nigeria, Spanish authorities say. They were taken to hospital at the tanker's destination in Gran Canaria and treated for moderate dehydration.

Canada: Why the country wants to bring in 1.5m immigrants by 2025

Canada is betting big on immigration to fill the gap in its economy left by aging Baby Boomers leaving the workforce - but not everyone is on board with bringing in so many people from abroad.

Epic 7,500-mile cuckoo migration wows scientists

One of the longest migrations recorded by any land bird is about to be completed. Using a satellite tag, scientists have monitored a cuckoo that has just flown more than 7,500 miles (12,000km) from southern Africa to its breeding ground in Mongolia.

The English test that ruined thousands of lives

A BBC investigation has raised fresh doubts about the evidence used to throw thousands of people out of the UK for allegedly cheating in an English language test.

How Belarus is helping ‘tourists’ break into the EU

Belarus has been accused of taking revenge for EU sanctions by offering migrants tourist visas, and helping them across its border. The BBC has tracked one group trying to reach Germany. The mobile phone camera pans left and right, but no-one moves.

Zaid Ait Malek: The stowaway who became a Spanish ultra running star

As midnight approached on 31 December 2006, most of Spain was preparing to celebrate the new year. Zaid Ait Malek spent the night evading police. He and his cousin had just completed a five-hour ferry crossing from Morocco hidden inside a truck.

Footprints in New Mexico are oldest evidence of humans in the Americas

Humans reached the Americas at least 7,000 years earlier than previously thought, according to new findings. The topic of when the continent was first settled from Asia has been controversial for decades.

31 days of Drupal migrations

For the month of August, 2019, we published a series of blog posts to cover Drupal migrations. It covered basic concepts and different use cases. The posts are available English. We are currently working on translating them to Spanish and French. Many thanks to Agaric.coop, Drupalize.

Introduction to paragraphs migrations in Drupal

Today we will present an introduction to paragraphs migrations in Drupal. The example consists of migrating paragraphs of one type, then connecting the migrated paragraphs to nodes. A separate image migration is included to demonstrate how they are different.

Migrating Paragraphs in Drupal 8

Paragraphs is a powerful Drupal module that makes gives editors more flexibility in how they design and layout the content of their pages. However, they are special in that they make no sense without a host entity.

The heartbreaking video and the death of a Kurdish-Iranian family

image copyrightFamily handoutA video clip of a Kurdish-Iranian girl who died with her family attempting to cross the English Channel last month highlights their drive for a better life. The clip shows a nine-year-old girl crying and laughing.

Deep sea fish 'mystery migration' across Pacific Ocean

Deep sea fish species found in the north Pacific Ocean have mysteriously been caught in the southwest Atlantic, on the other side of the world. It is unclear how the animals, a giant rattail grenadier, pelagic eelpout and deep sea squid, travelled so far.

Follow that microlight: Birds learn to migrate

And surveying the scene, it is easy to see why. We are in a playing field, in a small village in Austria, close to the Slovenian border.

Move to new planet, says Hawking

The human race must move to a planet beyond our Solar System to protect the future of the species, physicist Professor Stephen Hawking has warned. He told the BBC that life could be wiped out by a nuclear disaster or an asteroid hitting the planet.

Early humans 'followed coast'

The first humans who left Africa to populate the world headed south along the coast of the Indian Ocean, Science magazine reports. Scientists had always thought the exodus from Africa around 70,000 years ago took place along a northern route into Europe and Asia.

DNA legacy of ancient seafarers

Scientists have used DNA to re-trace the migrations of a sea-faring civilisation which dominated the Mediterranean thousands of years ago. The Phoenicians were an enterprising maritime people from the territory of modern-day Lebanon.

Ancient humans 'followed rains'

Prehistoric humans roamed the world's largest desert for some 5,000 years, archaeologists have revealed. The Eastern Sahara of Egypt, Sudan, Libya and Chad was home to nomadic people who followed rains that turned the desert into grassland.

Ant mega-colony takes over world

Argentine ants living in vast numbers across Europe, the US and Japan belong to the same inter-related colony, and will refuse to fight one another. The colony may be the largest of its type ever known for any insect species, and could rival humans in the scale of its world domination.

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