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Strijdersstraat 35
BrusselB 1082
Latitude: 50.866623
Longitude: 4.297587

Driving directions

(Approach from the east)
  • You will probably be driving on E40 (Belgian code: A3). When you get to the highway ring of Brussels, you will have to enter it in the anti-clockwise direction. In other words, make sure you follow directions to Gent / Bergen (Mons) / Charleroi. (This is important; if you go clockwise, you will get lost. The other alternative is to go straight on to the city, but that gets also very complicated.)
  • You will continue on the ring, passing exits in ascending order. You need to watch for exit #10. It is not easy to spot it so pay close attention to where #9 is, and then be ready to take the next one.
  • Exit #10 is coupled with the highway exit to Gent, so you have to take care not to drive there. Keep on the right. When you see exit #10, follow Zellik / Aalst.
  • Soon after, you will see directions to Koekelberg, several times, always follow that. Forget anything else, only Koekelberg is important. Be careful, don't get dragged to another exit by the car flow.
  • You will eventually come to the border of the city. There is a junction with traffic lights. Go totally to the right side.
  • You will drive on Chaussee de Zellik. After a few hundred metres you will see a gas station on your left side, there you turn right on a wide streed called Gentsesteenweg / Chaussee de Gand (it has tram rails).
  • Follow Gentsesteenweg / Chaussee de Gand. At one moment, you will see Strijdersstraat / rue des Combattants on your left, but since it is a one-way street, you cannot turn into it. Instead, follow Gentsesteenweg a bit further and take the following turn left (before the junction), it is rue Openveldstraat. You will get to a small roundabout, there turn about 270 degrees and you are on our street!