Blurry streets of London

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From a Marathon News video. As someone commented, "be wary of the killer sprint" :-)
Training hard NOT to see London this April. Doing my best to make the streets all but one blurred image. Because that is what happens when you run too fast!
After the joint run with my friend and running coach Edo the year before, on I will stand up to the London challenge all alone!
Training hard not only to get through, but to actually make a good personal time.
As somebody said, perfection may be unattainable in finite time. We cannot be best in everything, and we cannot get younger.
But we can make the most of the time we're up here. With challenges like this one. Overcoming our own limitations. Surprising others. And helping those in need.
For the helping part, I am proud to again partner with
Why with them? Because I know them, and I trust them to spend every penny in the right way!
If you feel inspired, make a generous donation, or at least a small one. And in any case, please share this with your friends. [retweet] [like]
It's occasions like that bring us together. And when we are together, we have power to help.
... hey, and take a hi-speed camera if you want to take a snap of me in the streets of London that day. What sees blurred is blurred. Right?!

21. Apr 2012 ~ 23. Apr 2012, London, UK

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