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She is thought to have swallowed it in order to smuggle it out of the country. The woman is believed to have stolen the six-carat diamond from a jewellery fair on Thursday by swapping it for a fake gemstone.
Once again, Vladimir Lenin is being resurrected. In Germany, workers Thursday dug up a sculpted 8,600-pound head of the Soviet Union’s first leader to be displayed as part of an exhibition.
 Vladimir Ilyich Lenin statue Fremont Lewis Evan Carpenter Berlin
Police were inspecting the shop for suspected stolen goods when they spotted the bicycle's "exceptional technical characteristics". It belonged to a rider competing in the Vuelta a Espana race around Spain.
 bicycle theft
Snake venom is deadly, with as many as 100,000 people worldwide dying each year from snake bites. The World Health Organization has added 'snakebite' to its list of neglected tropical diseases, but what is the real scale of the problem it faces against such a vicious venom?...
They flee a country at war where the West resists any major military or political engagement. They flee a country where Nato-led forces fought for more than a decade to achieve stability.
The group will enter the Breakthrough Message contest, which offers a $1m prize for creating a digital missive that represents human civilisation. That prize accompanies a new effort to accelerate the search for extra-terrestrial intelligence (Seti).
At the Deltares Research Institute, just outside the city of Delft in the Netherlands, engineers are carrying out the final tests on their new machine. In a huge concrete tank, colossal wave after colossal wave crashes down with an ear-splitting roar.
As a physicist, I do a lot of writing and public speaking about the remarkable nature of our cosmos, primarily because I think science is a key part of our cultural heritage and needs to be shared more broadly.
Women who are in the early stages of pregnancy, and who are not ready to share the happy news, know that turning down an alcoholic drink at a social occasion can be a dead giveaway. Telling friends and colleagues they are on antibiotics is the perfect excuse because they are so commonly used.
New results show how collisions between comets and planets can make molecules that are the essential building blocks of life. This suggests that the chemistry needed to gather the molecular ingredients for life could be more common than previously recognised.
You need only go back 70 years to a time when a scratch and a common infection could prove deadly. Routine surgery and childbirth could be a hazardous business.
Have we underestimated the first people to resettle Britain after the last Ice Age? Evidence from a variety of sources suggests that early Britons were more sophisticated than we could have imagined.
Vibrant online communities? Or cesspools of abuse? Have comments had their day? The debate about comment sections on news sites is often as divisive as the comments themselves.
US scientists have isolated two key chemicals responsible for the mosquito-repelling activity of sweetgrass, a plant traditionally used by some Native Americans to fend off the bugs. In brief laboratory tests, the two compounds drove mosquitoes away just as well as the widely-used repellent Deet.
A drone that can help divers and snorkelers explore or reveal the location of shoals of fish is being developed by a start-up in the US.
Islamic environmental and religious leaders have called on rich countries and oil producing nations to end fossil fuel use by 2050. The Islamic Climate Declaration says that the world's 1.6bn Muslims have a religious duty to fight climate change...
Google has delayed its plans to trial its modular smartphone concept, codenamed Project Ara. The first Project Ara hardware was due to be trialled in Puerto Rico this year, but has been pushed back to at least 2016.
A mass grave containing at least 26 skeletons is further evidence of the brutal conflict that appears to have beset central Europe 7,000 years ago.The remains were uncovered at Schöneck-Kilianstädten in central Germany.Individuals had their heads smashed.