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This WebSite was established in Leuven, Belgium.

Some other facts

  • The primary site is Vacilando.Org, but it is identical with the following aliases:,,,, and other ones.
  • Part of the site logo, , has been kindly designed by my dear little sister Baška (you can see she is a fan of Vincent Van Gogh) in September 2003.
  • My professional services site is over at
  • History behind the domain name, or why vacilando?
  • Some automated 3rd party stats about (though pretty imprecise!)
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  • Site visualizations / maps: currently inactive.
  • Most common referrers and other statistics.
  • Your IP address is... not so important ( in case you wonder :)
  • The last page of Vacilando?!
  • This website is powered by the excellent Drupal framework, standing on the shoulders of other open source giants, such as PHP, MySQL, and Linux.
  • Cloud Computing & Cloud Hosting by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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Thursday 12. December, 1996, Leuven, Belgium

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