Curriculum Vitae: Tomáš J. Fülöpp of Taksony

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Photo by Duncan B. Gardiner, 1995, Poprad
Traveller & Freelance Journalist, English / Slovak / Czech / Dutch Language Translator, Web Designer and Certified Tourist Guide — Informatics Engineer and Advanced Master of Social and Cultural Anthropology
Born in KošiceCzechoslovakia on April 23rd, 1971 (Friday, 18:20 CET).


Father: Tomáš Fülöpp, Sr. * May 13th 1945 Neu Brandenburg, Germany ... † May 27th 1998, 8:30 CET, Poprad.
Mother: MVDr. Gabriela Fülöppová (maiden name Krupitzerová) (1944 Levoča, Slovakia), head of the Immunological Department of the District Hospital of Poprad, Slovakia.
Sister: Alexandra (Baška) Fülöppová, teacher of German language (graduated from University of Constantine the Philosopher, Faculty of Humanities in Nitra, Slovakia, 1998). Currently giving lessons of German language at several language schools in Prague, Czech Republic.


Grammar school


Secondary school

General secondary school (Gymnázium na Zápotockého ulici, today Gymnázium Dominika Tatarku): 1985-89 - broadly oriented, Russian and German language, German studied also at a language school; best possible results. Fotky z gymnázia.


1. Technical University Košice: 1989-94 ... Radioelectronics & Informatics (break for the Asia At Dawn Expedition, received engineering diploma in 1995). Title of the thesis: "Digital Processing of Image Sequences" (computer program).
2. Katholieke Universiteit LeuvenDepartment of Social & Cultural Anthropology, Belgium: 1996-97 ... Master of Social and Cultural Anthropology (Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences).
3. Katholieke Universiteit LeuvenDepartment of Social & Cultural Anthropology, Belgium: 1997-98 ... Certificate of Advanced Studies in Social and Cultural Anthropology (Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences).

Language services

Started to study English in summer 1990 (self-study, university courses, language schools, active correspondence). In April 1992 took part in an Essay Contest organized by the English-written Czechoslovak two-weekly PROGNOSIS. Won the First Prize University with the Little Broken Twig essay. Attended summer course of English at the Anglo-European Language School in Bournemouth.
Translating and interpreting for various language agencies and magazines since 1992.
Founded a private translation & interpreting agency "Babylon" in summer 1994 (19940615-19941216).
Scored 643 points (I.II.) in the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) taken for the KU Leuven programme requirements in May 1996.

On October 6th, 1995, founded a new translation & interpreting agency, HOLDEN, focusing on business, engineering and exact sciences as well as on literature.

During 1996 worked as the festival catalogue editor, translator and manager for the International Festival of Mountain Films organization board.

In 1998 worked as an official translator from a number of Eastern-European languages into English and Dutch for the Economic University Library of the Catholic University Leuven, Belgium.

On June 1st, 2003, registered a new business, Vacilando, under Belgian jurisdiction. Providing various services, especially Slovak and Czech translations, website services, database development, information mining technologies, and complex Internet solutions.


Freelance journalist since 1992

1994-2010: member of the Slovak Syndicate of Journalists (SSN) (Reg. No. 002194) and the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ).

2005-present: Member of the World Futures Studies Federation (WFSF).

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In 1994/95, organized a sponsored expedition around the Asian continent, Asia At Dawn (132 days, 30000 kms, 15 countries), together with friend Dalibor Šebest. Took part as the writing reporter. Aimed to compare living standards of local people with respected state politics and level of freedom, and to survey the possibilities of travelling exclusively by land around all those countries. Magazine articles and both local and national radios, slide presentations and discussions with students and the public.
Large portion of the long-distance travels done hitch-hiking.

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Tourist guiding

On July 30th, 1994 granted a Tourist Guide Certificate by the Business and Travel Institute in Kosice, Slovakia. Worked (freelance) for a number of travel agencies since, most of the time around the High Tatras and in Greece.

Other interests

PC, Amiga and Apple fluent.

Driving licence & experience since 1993. International driving licence supplement added in 1997.

Studied Russian for 9 years (1981-1989), German for 6 years (1983-1989). Learning Flemish (ILT Leuven, self-study), Spanish (CLT Leuven, Brussels; private lessons) and also picked up some French in Brussels!

Playing guitar (notably Czech folk). Reading (like good science fiction, the Lost Generation, Steinbeck). Jogging. Biking & hiking in the mountains.

Science in general, physics, astronomy, philosophy, history, anthropology. Electronics and informatics.


Since May 2000 worked as editor, IT developer and researcher at the Union of International Associations (UIA) in Brussels, Belgium.

Since February 2012 working as a Drupal Technical Lead for Hewlett-Packard for the Flemish Authority (Vlaamse overheid) in Brussels, Belgium.

Since February 2018 working as an architect-expert for Department Informatiekanalen, Flemish Authority, Brussels, Belgium.

Current citizenships

Belgian, Slovak.

Friday 23. April, 1971, Košice, Czechoslovakia

 Tomáš J. Fülöpp curriculum vitae

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