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A simple bronze walking boot sits on a rock overlooking the immense vastness of the Atlantic Ocean. There is no plaque, but the message is manifest. This is the end of the road. It is also ‘the end of the world’.
Will the UK leave the EU within 2019? Will the US House of Representatives impeach Trump this year?
Dame Barbara Windsor's husband has revealed and her condition has worsened in recent weeks. He said they had gone public with her diagnosis - made in 2014 - because it had become "a lot more difficult for us to hide". Alzheimer's often develops slowly over several years...
Philip Brailsford, 28, killed 26-year-old Daniel Shaver in the hallway of an Arizona hotel in early 2016. He was fired and charged with murder - but was acquitted at trial in 2017.
It's a familiar tale: treasure-hunters racing to decipher clues from a mysterious book that will lead them to buried gold. But this particular hunt, and its waiting treasure, was no work of fiction - even if the creation that inspired it was...
Andien, a popular Indonesian singer, shocked her fans when she posted a lengthy Instagram story about breathing - along with photos of herself, her husband and their two-year-old son with tape over their mouths.
Google is investigating how 1,000 conversations recorded by one of its smart speakers were leaked. Belgian broadcaster VRT exposed the recordings made by Google Home devices in Belgium and the Netherlands.
This is the Moon in 2050. As the rover rounds the imposing sides of a large crater, the astronauts catch the glint of mirrors mounted on its rim. The mirrors beam sunlight into the crater, powering a mining operation to extract water-ice within.
Relatives of people killed in the Boeing 737 Max crash in Indonesia last year have been cheated out of compensation, their lawyers say. Lawyers told the BBC that many families were persuaded to sign forms preventing them from taking legal action.
As the days get shorter in the Northern hemisphere, concerns tend to arise about the lack of sunlight – and possible vitamin D deficiency. For many, a go-to fix is to take supplements. The supplement, after all, has been touted as a near-miracle.
How many of us were told as children to drink our milk because it would give us strong bones? The idea does make some sense. Milk contains calcium. Calcium is known to improve bone mineral density.
Afghanistan has been rocked by allegations of sexual harassment at the highest levels of government. Officials deny wrongdoing but a BBC investigation has heard from women who describe a culture of abuse.
US Vice-President Mike Pence reportedly will not dine one-on-one with any woman who is not his wife, Karen. A fierce debate is raging online about what this means about his attitude towards women.
Time Waits For No One was originally part of the soundtrack to the 1986 West End musical Time. The version released at the time featured the Queen star accompanied by dozens of layers of backing vocals.
Would you switch to drinking camel milk? Australia's growing number of camel farmers are hoping to persuade you. It's not unusual for the owners of a small, close-knit business to treat their workers as an extension of their family...
It's two years since the monster block of ice known as A68 broke free from Antarctica. Satellites show has spun around in the waters of the Weddell Sea and is now moving north along the White Continent's peninsula...
Norway has found a radiation level 800,000 times higher than normal at the wreck of a Russian navy submarine that sank in the Norwegian Sea in 1989. A sample showed radioactive caesium leaking from a ventilation pipe in the Komsomolets.
Sugary drinks - including fruit juice and fizzy pop - may increase the risk of cancer, French scientists say. The link was suggested by a study, published in the British Medical Journal, that followed more than 100,000 people for five years.
Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned against over-reliance on renewable energy, something he says harms birds and other wildlife.
Royal Marines have boarded an oil tanker on its way to Syria thought to be breaching EU sanctions, the government of Gibraltar has said. Authorities said there was reason to believe the ship, called the Grace 1, was carrying crude oil to the Banyas Refinery in Syria.