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The amazing thing about schizophrenia is these are people who have to live their life without being able to believe their senses.


 brain psychology schizophrenia psychiatry psychosis senses paranoia
A controversial ban preventing a nine-year-old girl from photographing her school meals has been lifted following a storm of protest on the internet.


 meal photography school child blog writing
German geologists believe a tsunami recorded by the ancient historian Herodotus did indeed protect a Greek village from Persian invaders. They say they have found evidence in northern Greece that the event in 479 BC saved the village of Potidaea. Herodotus recorded that huge waves had killed hundreds of Persian soldiers during the siege of the village.


 Herodotus ancient Greece Persia tsunami history siege
Archaeologists in Bulgaria have found two medieval skeletons pierced through the chest with iron rods to supposedly stop them from turning into vampires.


 vampire rod chest skeleton Bulgaria archaeology
Tens of thousands of Peruvians have flocked to the country's Amazon region to join a chaotic gold rush. But illegal mining has led to violence, pollution and the destruction of parts of the country's precious rainforest.


 Peru gold rush mining illegal deforestation environment Amazon
All eyes are on the main screen where a graph displays the lander’s battery power trickling down towards zero. It is the last flurry of activity from the first human object to have landed on a comet. It is a mission that has taken nearly 30 years.
Driverless cars will soon be a reality on the roads of Nevada after the state approved America's first self-driven vehicle licence.


 Google Nevada car driverless USA safety artificial intelligence
Idle computers are being sought to raise cash for charities and contribute to a series of science projects.


 idle computer donation charity fundraising crowdsourcing distributed computing supercomputer
Microsoft has shown off an augmented reality system that allows users at different locations to work together on tabletop activities, sharing objects which they can both handle.


 Microsoft object augmented reality