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A nightclub manager said he has been forced to cancel plans to hire a live zebra after complaints from animal welfare groups.


 zebra nightclub animal rights
Details of internet use in the UK will have to be stored for a year to allow police and intelligence services to access it.


 Internet surveillance privacy big brother UK
Gyani Maiya Sen, a 75-year-old woman from western Nepal, can perhaps be forgiven for feeling that the weight of the world rests on her shoulders. She is the only person still alive in Nepal who fluently speaks the Kusunda language. The unknown origins and mysterious sentence structures of Kusunda have long baffled linguists.


 language language isolate Nepal extinction tribe
Shoko Asahara, the leader of a Japanese doomsday cult which gassed the Tokyo subway in 1995, has been sentenced to death for ordering the attack. The sarin gas attack, which killed 12 people and injured thousands more, shocked Japan and shed light on the fanatical Aum Shinrikyo group.


 Japan cult sarin chemical weapon doomsday religion
A US court has ordered Twitter to release old messages and details about a user arrested during an Occupy Wall Street protest in New York.


 Twitter occupy movement privacy
The ZX Spectrum is 30 years old. The successor to Sir Clive Sinclair's ZX81 - at the time the world's best selling consumer computer - it introduced colour "high resolution" graphics and sound...


 ZX Spectrum computer
This is the world's first 22 nanometre product and we'll be delivering about 20% more processor performance using 20% less average power...


 transistor CPU processor 3D energy performance