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The decline of linguistic and cultural diversity is linked to the loss of biodiversity, a study has suggested. The authors said that 70% of the world's languages were found within the planet's biodiversity hotspots. Data showed that as these important environmental areas were degraded over time, cultures and languages in the area were also being lost...


 biodiversity diversity language culture extinction nature
A 69-year-old professional artist from Leeds has devised an experiment to find out if people who look the same also sound the same.


 sound voice face shape skull speech intonation similarity
Vesta is the only remaining example of the original objects that came together to form the rocky planets, like Earth and Mars, some 4.6 billion years ago.


 asteroid Vesta rock iron core planet Solar System probe
Researchers in the US have demonstrated a means to use short sections of DNA as rewritable data "bits" in living cells...


 biology DNA memory computer
Scientists working on Voyager 1 are receiving further data suggesting the probe is close to crossing into interstellar space.


 particle Voyager probe Solar System interstellar space space travel edge
The Sentinel infrared telescope would be put in space to find and track potentially hazardous rocks near Earth.


 asteroid danger astronomy telescope guard
The biggest survey of Native American DNA has concluded that the New World was settled in three major waves. But the majority of today's indigenous Americans descend from a single group of migrants that crossed from Asia to Alaska 15,000 years ago or more...


 human migration America DNA genetics Siberia Asia
The discovery of a bacterium that could substitute arsenic for phosphorus to survive is refuted by new research. Six elements are considered essential for life - oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, phosphorus and sulphur - so the announcement in 2010 implied one of biology's golden rules had been broken. The findings provoked an immediate backlash and now two new scientific papers suggest the bacterium needs phosphorus to grow after...


 bacteria arsenic phosphorus
One of the most interesting trends in satellite production in the next few years is likely to be the wide introduction of electric propulsion (EP).


 satellite electricity propulsion ion space travel
US researchers say that mice may have the ability to learn songs based on the sounds they hear. They found that when male mice were housed together they learned to match the pitch of their songs to each other.


 social mouse sound communication adaptation music song