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A university lecturer and nuclear scientist has been killed in a car explosion in north Tehran, reports say.


 Iran science nuclear assassination politics
The Vatican has acknowledged that it used Wikipedia to produce biographies of 22 new cardinals that were sent out to journalists.


 Vatican Wikipedia religion biography Wikipedia
In 1900, an American civil engineer called John Elfreth Watkins made a number of predictions about what the world would be like in 2000. How did he do?


 century prediction future history technology Internet
Animals have been stealing scenes since movies began - but can Hollywood's top dogs really act or is it all down to clever training?


 movie training animal acting art animal intelligence
It is likely communal living was adopted to protect against day time predators.


 social primate animal group human evolution protection
The closer the relationship between individuals, the more effort is put into resolving conflict.


 macaque monkey social conflict communication
The sense of smell can be improved through training, a study on rats suggests. The study also suggests if we do not use our sense of smell, we begin to lose it.


 smell olfaction nose brain training rat
Many Italians, it seems, are prone to a particularly wide range of winter illnesses, helped apparently by an in-depth knowledge of human anatomy. More than a decade living in this country has led me to a shocking conclusion. Being Italian is bad for your health. As winter draws in, those around me are suffering from a range of distinctly Italian ailments, that make our limited British colds and flus sound as bland as our food.


 Italy health hypochondria disease
Noticing an elderly relative is suddenly starting to forget things, is getting confused or displaying sudden changes of mood are usually the first signs they are developing dementia


 dementia Alzheimer's brain
Scientists say they have a clue that may enable them to find traces of the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs in the very crater it made on impact. This pointer takes the form of a nickel signature in the rocks of the crater that is now buried under ocean sediments in the Gulf of Mexico.