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A six-year effort to map the genetic patterns of humankind appears to confirm that early people first left Africa by crossing into Arabia.


 migration Africa human evolution
Onder de stad liggen heelder metrostations en andere ongebruikte ruimtes verborgen. BRUZZ bracht de belangrijkste in kaart en bezocht een spookstation aan het Zuidstation. Dat zal over vijf jaar dan toch dienen waarvoor het meer dan dertig jaar eerder gebouwd is.
Astronomers claim to have discovered the roundest object ever measured in nature. Kepler 11145123 is a distant, slowly rotating star that's more than twice the size of the Sun...
The number of people who die each year taking a selfie is on the rise but a team of US researchers now hope they can tackle the problem. They are developing an app which will warn people when they are at risk.
Archaeologists have discovered 81 "extremely rare" tree-trunk coffins at a "previously unknown" early Christian Anglo-Saxon community's cemetery. Found at Great Ryburgh in Norfolk, their "remarkable preservation" was due to the waterlogged conditions of the river valley...