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Google's reach spreads far across the web. But is it possible to go online without being noticed by the search giant? Three computer professionals try to part ways with Google...


 Google dependence Internet
In many Latin American countries, traditional names like Jose or Isabel remain popular, but in Cuba anything goes. Parents just love to experiment.


 name child Cuba experiment
A court battle is fought over whether a painting is fake, a drawing said to be Warhol is disputed, but is there ever a case for cherishing the fake and the forged?


 art painting fake copy original value uniqueness
Our own stomachs may be something of a dark mystery to most of us, but new research is revealing the surprising ways in which our guts exert control over our mood and appetite.


 brain stomach appetite mood psychology physiology behaviour
Epigenetics is all about changing the way our genes function by turning them off or making them more active.


 ageing age genetics epigenetics gene activation
The sale of a range of fortune-telling and witchcraft-related services will be prohibited on online auction site eBay after 30 August 2012.


 tarot witchcraft superstition eBay business intangible fortune-telling
A Bitcoin website - which handles virtual currency trading - has been sued by four users who said it failed to provide adequate compensation following a security breach.


 Bitcoin currency virtual hacking theft
For some people knitting is an ancient art, one they saw their granny do and one, because it takes so much time, that seems to have little relevance for the modern age.


 knitting mathematics garment knot
Swiss sheep could soon be texting shepherds for help when they are being stalked or attacked by wolves.


 sheep wolf Switzerland help SMS communication