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Infanticide is a powerful tool in ensuring the survival of a species, researchers are increasingly finding.


 evolution survival infanticide child offspring killing overpopulation abortion
Scientists say they can now describe in detail how the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs produced its huge crater. The reconstruction of the event 66 million years ago was made possible by drilling into the remnant bowl and analysing its rocks.
The girl, who was terminally ill with a rare cancer, was supported in her wish to be cryogenically preserved by her mother - but not by her father. The girl, who died in October, has now been taken to the US and frozen.
Researchers in Japan have smashed the record for wireless data transmission in the terahertz band, an uncharted part of the electro-magnetic spectrum.
 wifi speed
A study of the world's largest subway networks has revealed that they are remarkably mathematically similar...


 subway network similarity structure
Search giant Google has patented the design of its augmented-reality glasses, known as Project Glass.


 Google patent Project Glass augmented reality glasses