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A dodo goes up for auction next week, sparking a frenzy of interest that could see the specimen fetch in excess of £500,000.
In the Japanese city of Fukuoka this week, just as Americans thousands of miles away had begun casting votes to determine their next president, an enormous sinkhole opened up outside a major railway station, swallowing part of a six-lane city street.
View image of Nightmares in wax (Credit: Credit: Josephinum, Collections and History of Medicine, MedUni Vienna/Photo Joanna Ebenstein) View image of Skin deep (Credit: Credit: Museo di Storia Naturale Università di Firenze, Zoologica,
When sisters sit together, they’re always praising their brothers.When brothers sit together, they're selling their sisters to others...
Dutch and British World-War-Two shipwrecks have mysteriously disappeared from the Java Sea, prompting outrage. The BBC asks experts what could have happened to the vessels.