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The pleasure of sham nudity [pictures of naked people] isn’t limited to humans. In a recent study, male rhesus monkeys were put into an experimental setup where they could choose, by moving their heads, to either receive some sweet fruit juice or to get to look at a picture. There were two sorts of pictures that monkeys would give up the juice for –female hindquarters and the faces of high-status male monkeys. Two major vices –pornography...


 nudity pornography psychology monkey celebrity worship
The Sorte mountain, in Venezuela's western state of Yaracuy, is considered a sacred place by the faithful followers of Maria Lionza - a syncretic religion blending African, indigenous, and Catholic beliefs. Every year, thousands of her worshippers travel there to make offerings to the indigenous goddess and conduct spiritual healing rituals in the forest. While 90% of Venezuelans are nominally Catholic, Maria Lionza is now considered...


 Catholic Church Venezuela religion Africa indigenous worship goddess mother posession social and cultural anthropology spirit tobacco
A Chinese firm scrapped plans to sell a lifelike doll of Steve Jobs after his family and Apple lawyers objected.


 Steve Jobs doll icon worship idol role model China
Why is rainwater not considered holy by the various Christian churches? After all, it falls directly from heaven.
 water holy religion worship heaven