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A Briton who ran across six continents is planning to try to swim 25,000 miles across all the world's oceans and seas, in an odyssey lasting up to six years.


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Late last month a young man named Oliver (Olly) Hicks climbed into his boat, the Flying Carrot, and set out from Recherche Bay in Tasmania, Australia on the Virgin Global Row, his attempt to become the first person to row solo around the entire globe.


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No, štatistika isto neklame, ale otázkou ostáva, ako naozaj bude vyzerať ten svet za 15-30 rokov. Ak by mal byť moslimský, neznamená to, že bude ako Irak za Saddáma. A ešte je otázka, či nebude čínsky... V každom prípade sa mi nepáči, čo tam dodal ten prekladateľ na konci.. kto vraví, že bude platiť sharia zákon? To je ako keby si niekto predstavoval inkvizičné súdy len zato, že väčšina európskych štátov stojí na kresťanských základoch...
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Facebook intern Paul Butler has been poring through some of the data held by the social networking firm on its 500m members. The map above is the result of his attempts to visualise where people live relative to their Facebook friends. Each line connects cities with pairs of friends. The brighter the line, the more friends between those cities.


 Facebook visualization mapping world Internet friendship
Depicts the names of one million organizations around the world that are devoted to peace, environmental stewardship, social justice, and the preservation of diverse and indigenous culture. The actual number of such organizations is unknown, but estimates range between one and two million, and growing.


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