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Small cameras strapped to four albatrosses in the southern Atlantic Ocean have shed light on the birds' feeding patterns.


 camera animal bird ocean whale
Whales emitting a low-pitched noise which caused the fish to bunch up. The mammals then stun the fish with their tails before eating them.


 shoal fish whale sound hunting
Sperm whales may team up and hunt collaboratively, scientists have suggested. A US research team used hi-tech tags to glimpse some of the giant marine mammals' remarkable hunting behaviour. This tracking showed how the whales travelled together in groups, but when they hunted, each whale "varied its role" within the group.


 whale hunting collaboration intelligence
A trainer at the SeaWorld park in Orlando, Florida, has died after being attacked by a killer whale. Witnesses said the orca had jumped and grabbed Dawn Brancheau by the waist from a poolside platform before dragging her underwater. Guests were evacuated while fire crews tried to rescue the 40-year-old, but they were unable to revive her.


 orca death whale circus
Scientists have discovered an evolutionary reason why humans and whales both have grandmothers. As post-menopausal females age, the researchers say, they become increasingly interested and helpful in rearing their "grandchildren". This could help explain why female great apes and toothed whales (cetaceans) have lifespans that extend long beyond their reproductive years.


 whale human grandmother menopause grandchild ageing evolution upbringing