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Beijing enjoyed its third day of artificially induced snow on Thursday after its longest drought in 38 years.


 water control China cloud artificial drought snow induced weather iodide
Newly released satellite images show how Katrina built up force over the sea before lashing the Louisiana coast. Warm waters in the Gulf of Mexico caused Katrina to strengthen into a category five hurricane. When she hit land, she slowed down, releasing huge amounts of rain. It was this, rather than her winds, that caused much of the damage.


 satellite rain weather Katrina hurricane New Orleans
Poland and the Czech Republic are the latest countries to have been hit by a storm that has swept northern Europe leaving at least 43 people dead. At least six people were reported killed in Poland as winds of more than 200km/h were recorded. Germany, the UK, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands were picking themselves up on Friday after the storm passed.


 weather storm
Typhoons can trigger imperceptible, slow earthquakes, researchers say. ... This gentle release causes an earthquake that dissipates its energy over several hours rather than a few potentially devastating seconds.


 earthquake typhoon weather pressure
An Australian scientist says the continent needs five or six seasons to suit its climate. Tim Entwisle, chief of Sydney's Royal Botanic Gardens, says Australia should "unhook" itself from the "arbitrary" four seasons it inherited from Britain.


 Australia season weather climate
Chinese meteorologists say they brought about Beijing's earliest snowfall in a decade, after seeding rain clouds with silver iodide to ease a drought.


 cloud China snow meteorology weather drought
Either there's a special machine that spits out silver iodide, dry ice or cement into the clouds, or a hatch opens and a guy with a shovel seeds the clouds manually.


 cloud snow meteorology weather drought Russia rain
The eerie, "noctilucent clouds" clouds form at the edge of space, far higher in the atmosphere than more familiar clouds.


 cloud atmosphere toread space meteorology weather
A hailstone weighing almost a kilo that fell in the state of South Dakota has been confirmed as the largest ever recovered in the USA.


 USA hailstone ice weather
An extreme storm may have contributed to the deaths of famed climbers George Mallory and Andrew Irvine as they tried to reach Everest's summit in 1924. ... The storm caused a pressure drop big enough to deprive the climbers of oxygen, the new study proposes.


 pressure storm Mount Everest climbing weather history record