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Passengers travelling on luxury cruise liners usually expect to be looked after by their ship's crew. Yet pirates who tried to hijack a liner off the coast of Somalia met something a little more sophisticated than a warning shot across the bow.
 pirate sound weapon
The US military has failed to keep track of thousands of weapons shipped to Afghanistan, leaving them vulnerable to being lost or stolen, a report says.


 USA Afghanistan invasion military weapon
A high-pitched device used to disperse teenagers is being challenged by campaigners, who say it is not a fair way to treat young people. ... Their sound causes discomfort to young ears - but their frequency is above the normal hearing range of people over 25. ... What type of society uses a low-level sonic weapon on its children?


 fascism physics sound UK ear weapon
There's only one country that has ever used nuclear weapons. There's only one country that has used nuclear weapons on civilian population centers. There's only one country that has ever threatened to use nuclear weapons on non-nuclear countries. There's only one country that has over 10,000 nuclear weapons many of which are on hair-trigger alert for enemies real or imagined. There's only one country that has...


 nuclear weapon USA arrogance
The winners of a quiz organised by Somali Islamists have been given weapons and ammunition as prizes.


 Somalia weapon
The F-16s are vital to Pakistan's security as President Musharraf prosecutes the war on terror, the administration official said. The official referred to President Musharraf's strategic decision on 14 September, 2001, to stand with the United States, following the attacks in New York and Washington.


 War On Terror terrorism USA weapon Pakistan
Mr Dana, 41, was killed outside a prison west of Baghdad on Sunday after US troops said they mistook his camera for a rocket-propelled grenade launcher.


 War On Terror Palestine Iraq invasion USA journalism camera weapon
Scientists have shown off an effect not unlike that of the "phasers" in the show Star Trek - but it only works on tiny worms called nematodes.
 weapon worm toread
Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu has cancelled a visit to the US where he was to attend a summit on nuclear security, Israeli officials say. Mr Netanyahu made the decision after learning that Egypt and Turkey intended to raise the issue of Israel's presumed nuclear arsenal, the officials said. ... Israel has never confirmed or denied that it possesses atomic weapons. ... According to Israeli officials, Turkey and Egypt are planning to...


 nuclear weapon Israel proliferation NPT USA
Today we are declaring that nuclear terrorism is one of the most challenging threats to international security.


 politics nuclear proliferation plutonium nuclear weapon terrorism
Secret South African documents reveal that Israel offered to sell nuclear warheads to the apartheid regime, providing the first official documentary evidence of the state's possession of nuclear weapons.


 South Africa Israel nuclear proliferation apartheid business military nuclear weapon
A newly-developed heat ray gun that burns the skin but doesn't cause permanent injury is now with US troops in Afghanistan.


 weapon heat ray Afghanistan military non-lethal skin