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Having too much money will never be a problem for most of us, but for those lucky enough to be born rich, life presents a very different set of financial challenges.


During the last ski season, a typical Russian client of our boutique could spend about 100,000 euros at one time," says Juliette, a manager of a jewellry shop in the Courchevel valley that sells diamonds and Rolex watches.


 Russian skiing Alps France Courchevel wealth snob
As people get less religious, they get wealthier. Or perhaps the other way around.


 religion wealth statistics
Mnohí kresťania dávajú každý mesiac desať percent zo svojho zárobku.


 desiatok tithe money God wealth Catholic Church religion
They were called the Millionaires' Squadron, a dashing young group of well-heeled sportsmen and adventurers with a passion for danger and high jinks. But they were also a very effective fighting unit, placed in the front line of defence against German invasion in the Battle of Britain.


 war wealth adventure World War II
Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg has become one of the latest billionaires to pledge to give away the majority of his wealth.


 Facebook Mark Zuckerberg billionaire wealth charity