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The Bronze Age eruption of Thera near mainland Greece would have devastated ancient civilisations in the region. Ash would likely have plunged much of the Mediterranean into darkness, and tsunami would have wrecked local ports. A survey around what is now the island arc of Santorini shows volcanic pumice to a depth of 80m covering the ocean floor for 20-30km in all directions.


 ancient Greece volcano Thera
Saturn's largest moon Titan may have molten ice welling up to the surface from its warm interior, data from the Cassini spacecraft suggests.


 ice Moon volcano Cassini Titan Saturn
Nasa's New Horizons spacecraft has sent back images of a huge volcanic eruption on Jupiter's moon Io.


 Moon volcano New Horizons Jupiter Io
Mount Redoubt volcano in the US state of Alaska has erupted, sending a cloud of ash 15km into the air.


 volcano Alaska
Geologists in Iceland are drilling directly into the heart of a hot volcano. Their $20m project will lead to boreholes that could ultimately yield 10 times as much geothermal power as any previous project.


 volcano Iceland energy geothermal
Amazing video has been obtained in the Pacific Ocean of the deepest undersea eruption ever recorded.


 ocean volcano Pacific Ocean
The most likely birthplace for primordial life is now thought to be the fissures in the fresh basalt of the ocean floor through which, for billions of years, have gushed superheated brines rich in hydrogen sulphide and iron.


 evolution volcano sea
Several hundred people have been evacuated from their homes, as a volcano erupted in southern Iceland.


 volcano Iceland
24 August, AD79. The day one volcanic mountain came to life and two cities met their deaths. Pompeii and the nearby settlement of Herculaneum were consumed by a mixture of heat, falling pumice stone and ash. Mount Vesuvius, about 9km (5.5 miles) away, had exploded, sending a mass of volcanic debris high into the air, which then landed like a military bombardment on the citizens of the two cities below. Estimates of deaths in both places...


 Pompeii Herculaneum Napoli Naples Vesuvius cast statue volcano ash
Data from Europe's Venus Express probe suggests that Earth's neighbour may still be able to erupt volcanoes.


 Venus volcano
More than 1,000km from the event itself, Iceland's second volcanic eruption in the space of a month has caused flights in the UK to be grounded.


 Iceland volcano airplane travel ash meteorology wind
Kenya's flower industry has been badly hit by the cancellation of flights across Europe because of the ash cloud caused by a volcano in Iceland.


 Kenya transport flower Iceland volcano airplane travel ash meteorology wind
Airlines will lose at least $200m (£130m) per day in revenues as a result of the volcanic ash-linked disruption.


 Iceland volcano airplane travel ash meteorology wind
A volcanic eruption in Iceland is continuing to ground flights in the UK and Europe, but 227 years ago a far more devastating eruption occurred wiping out a fifth of the island's population - as well as tens of thousands across Europe. On 8 June, 1783, the young country of Iceland - inhabited for less than 1,000 years - had a population of 50,000. In the coming years, as a result of what began that Sunday morning at 9am, 10,000 of...


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