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Hackers have discovered a new way of duping users onto fraudulent websites: fake parking tickets. Cars in the US had traffic violation tickets placed on the windscreen, which then directed users to a website.


 fine parking virus hacker
A reward of $250,000 has been offered by Microsoft to find who is behind the Downadup/Conficker virus. Since it started circulating in October 2008 the Conficker worm has managed to infect millions of computers worldwide. The software giant is offering the cash reward because it views the Conficker worm as a criminal attack. ... Although Downadup is widespread its creators have yet to activate its payload to steal data or launch other...


 crime computer virus reward
Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) promises to provide people with basic protection against viruses, trojans, rootkits and spyware.


 Microsoft anti-virus virus software
Computer viruses could be about to take a giant leap and start spreading via smart barcodes, warn experts.


 internet virus
James Lovelock says humanity is "Earth's infection." Nice. We are the viruses. ... Lovelock's thinking is that our increasing presence is getting things so out of whack that, in the manner of a human immune system, the planet has no choice but to respond.


 virus overpopulation environment Gaia Earth sustainability infection
Such states, in which an object is effectively in two places at once, have until now only been accomplished with single particles, atoms and molecules. In this experiment, published in the journal Nature, scientists produced a quantum state in an object billions of times larger than previous tests.


 nanotechnology quantum computer quantum physics virus
Its analysis of 240m web pages over 13 months showed that fake anti-virus programs accounted for 15% of all malicious software. Scammers trick people into downloading programs by convincing them that their PC is infected with a virus.


 Google anti-virus fake hacking security Internet virus
They found antibodies produced in response to the virus do not do a very effective job. Rather than neutralising the virus, they actually help it infect more cells, springing into action when a person is infected a second time by a different strain of the virus. This phenomenon accounts for why a second bout of dengue fever can be more severe and dangerous.


 dengue virus vaccine fever
US researchers claim to have identified a new potential cause for Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) in honeybees. The disease is responsible for wiping out many beekeepers' entire colonies over the past few years. Scientists from the US Department of Agriculture say the pathogens to blame are a fungus and a family of viruses.


 fungus virus bee extinction
Virus-infected computers that pose a risk to other PCs should be blocked from the net, a senior researcher at software giant Microsoft suggests.


 virus Microsoft Internet security censorship
Scientists say they have made a landmark discovery which could pave the way for new drugs to beat illnesses like the common cold. Until now experts had thought that antibodies could only tackle viral infections by blocking or attacking viruses outside cells. But work done by the Medical Research Council shows antibodies can pass into cells and fight viruses from within.
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