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Police in Copenhagen in Denmark say nearly 1,000 protesters were detained after a huge climate change rally.


 climate change Copenhagen demonstration violence
Researchers have uncovered common patterns in the scale and timings of attacks across a variety of different violent conflicts.


 terrorism war statistics prediction violence future
Dan McDougall spent four months delving into Cape Town's violent gang culture. He witnessed young men - gangsters and drug addicts - turn to football to try to keep their heads above water. But ultimately, he explains, his journey left him despairing of a broken society, a place where those growing up in the streets and townships of the rainbow nation are prisoners not of apartheid's legacy and race, but of the true blights of...


 gang South Africa drug murder violence football
The practice of forcing psychiatric patients to take medication is not backed by evidence.


 coercion abuse medication psychology violence psychiatry
British officials in Bangladesh have confirmed Wikileaks reports that the UK is training a police force in the country accused of being a death squad.


 police Bangladesh WikiLeaks UK killing violence torture crime human rights
Details have emerged of huge casualty figures in the Libyan city of Benghazi, where troops have launched a brutal crackdown on protesters. More than 200 people are known to have died, doctors say, with 900 injured. The most bloody attacks were reported over the weekend, as funeral marches were said to have come under machine-gun and heavy weapons fire.


 Libya Benghazi massacre protest revolution violence brutality police
Libyan security forces are using tear gas to disperse hundreds of protesters from the streets after Friday prayers in Col Gaddafi's stronghold of Tripoli.


 Libya revolution Tripoli uprising revolt violence protest
Security forces with tanks have overrun a square in the centre of Bahrain's capital Manama where anti-government protesters have been camped for weeks.


 Bahrain military protest demonstration violence occupation Saudi Arabia
When Israel kills demonstrators is that the same as when Syria or Libya does the same?


 Arab revolution Israel demonstration violence democracy human rights
Many theories have been posited about the underlying causes of the riots in England - from moral decay to excessive consumerism.


 UK riot protest violence reason discontent
The recent disturbances in English cities prompted many to ask why disorder had broken out. But is the real question why disorder happens so rarely.


 philosophy history violence protest revolution disorder riot UK