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Archaeologists have unveiled the most detailed map ever produced of the earth beneath Stonehenge and its surrounds. They combined different instruments to scan the area to a depth of three metres, with unprecedented resolution.
 Stonehenge map underground archaeology megaliths
It's still possible to build downwards. You can put some extra floors under your house instead of on top.


 bunker underground architecture future
The Tube began service in 1863. It runs along 249 miles (402km) of track.


 underground London
A Utah company plans to dig a series of underground caverns that it hopes to one day fill with compressed air, releasing it to generate electricity by turning a turbine and solving one of the most vexing problems facing the clean-energy industry -- how to store power. Under a barren patch of Utah desert, a private-equity group is bankrolling the project to hollow out a series of energy-storage vaults from a massive salt deposit a mile...


 energy storage pressure air underground battery Utah
Much is made of the limited space available on the surface of the Earth, especially for housing and especially in the urban areas to which people have tended to move from the countryside. This form of "lateral thinking" has been associated with much-regretted forms of urban sprawl and increasingly problematic access to adequate housing in urban areas. At the same time the urban sprawl has increased pressure on undeveloped areas,...


 underground real estate Earth vertical deep
Biologists cannot be sure, but they suspect the fish may be a living relict that has survived deep under the ground while its relatives above went extinct.


 blind underground fish Brazil
One hundred and thirty metres below the sea bed of Singapore lies a most unusual construction site. Hundred of workers are carving out a series of enormous caverns in hard rock. The work is laborious, expensive and will take years to complete, but eventually they hope to create a space large enough to store the equivalent of nine million barrels of oil. Why? Because Singapore, all 700 sq km of it, is running out of room. The company behind...


 underground Singapore future depth
A subterranean river said to be flowing beneath the Amazon region of Brazil is not a river in the conventional sense, even if its existence is confirmed.


 subterranean river underground Amazon water flow porous
There are over 12 thousand CCTV cameras on the London Underground system, monitoring the movements of millions of passengers every single day. But some commuters are also doing their own electronic reconnaissance.


 underground London public transport photography surveillance privacy