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What’s Next is a trends report offering clear, concise and non-sensationalist commentary on trends in society, business, science & technology, government and the environment.
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Facebook is celebrating its 500-millionth user, but the social media application has had wide consequences, even for those who have never signed on.


 Facebook social network growth social trend Internet
Web search terms are a good predictor of the success of films, songs and video games even weeks ahead of release, researchers say.


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New research suggests that buying organic food can make people feel better, even before they eat any of it.


 diet nutrition health food organic natural fad fashion trend popular belief psychology placebo
While scholars have made great strides in formulating theories and measuring public attention, “Most Important Problem” and media-based indicators are less than ideal measures. In order to address this shortcoming, this paper borrows from healthcare epidemiology to measure public attention based on internet search trends. In doing so, it reviews the innovative ways in which scientists have used search activity to track the spread of...


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