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The world's biggest passenger liner, the Queen Mary 2, has sailed into her home port of Southampton.


 travel sea liner ship transport
A new breed of wearable robotic vehicles that envelop drivers are being developed by Japanese car giant Toyota.


 cyborg robot human transport exoskeleton enhancement
The world's first purpose-built hydrogen-powered bike could be fitted with an artificial "vroom" because of worries its silence might be dangerous.


 travel energy motorcycle hydrogen sound transport silence stealth
The US space agency's experimental hypersonic research aircraft, the X-43A, could one day revolutionise long-distance travel and space launches. The unpiloted 3.7m-long vehicle uses a scramjet to reach a design speed in excess of Mach 7, about 8,000 km/h. Scramjets burn hydrogen but take their oxygen from the air which is forced into the engine at very high speed. A scramjet operates by the supersonic combustion of fuel in a stream of...


 travel transport speed aviation scramjet jet supersonic
Japan and France are to work together to develop a successor to the retired supersonic jet aircraft Concorde.


 travel airplane transport aviation supersonic Concorde
A new jet engine designed to fly at seven times the speed of sound appears to have been successfully tested.


 travel transport aviation scramjet supersonic
The way we get about has a profound impact on the way we live - affecting where we set up home, work and holiday.


 future travel train transport car aviation flying jet pack taxi
Belgian inter-city bus network
 Belgium bus transport travel
A U.N. report from just this past November found that a full 18 percent of global warming emissions come from raising chickens, turkeys, pigs, and other animals for food. That's about 40 percent more than all the cars, trucks, airplanes, and all other forms of transport combined (13 percent). It's also more than all the homes and offices in the world put together (8 percent). ... Prečo sa toľko hovorí o používaní úsporných (a drahších)...


 vegetarian climate change transport animal emission
The test firing has been completed of a new first-stage rocket motor that could one day help take US astronauts back to the surface of the Moon.


 Moon transport space
Two German ships have become the first Western commercial vessels to navigate the Northeast Passage - a shipping route which goes from Asia to Europe around the Russian Arctic.
 shipping Russia Arctic Ocean Asia Europe transport toread