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The small black fish swim around the tank; gracefully gliding back and forth with little discernible pattern.
 fish training toread
Complex tasks such as juggling produce significant changes to the structure of the brain.


 exercise juggling brain intelligence training learning
A Swiss freediver held his breath underwater for 19 minutes and 21 seconds, according to news reports this week. The gasp-inducing feat beat the previous world record by 19 seconds, and blew away the record of 17 minutes and four seconds that magician David Blaine set on Oprah Winfrey's talk show in 2008.


 breathing time oxygen water training pain trick
The largest ever investigation followed 11,430 people over six weeks to see what effect, if any, playing brain training computer games would have. While players got progressively better at the games, the gains were not transferable.


 training brain game
Becoming a musician messes with your brain. But in a good way. The cognitive benefits that a musical training can produce are so diverse and impressive – improved visual, spatial, verbal, mathematical and motor skills, for instance – that you could be forgiven for thinking this is why all children should have one. But think twice before you make this the reason to enrol little Phoebe for violin lessons. If we start valuing music only for...


 brain music training map visualization sound note
Synchronous music, where stride length is matched to musical tempo, can have metronomic effects on the body by allowing athletes to run for longer.


 sport music synchronous effort perception mood psychology exercise training running
A vaccine which triggers the immune system to attack the most common type of lung cancer has shown promise in early clinical trials.


 lung cancer lung cancer vaccine virus smallpox immunity training
Animals have been stealing scenes since movies began - but can Hollywood's top dogs really act or is it all down to clever training?


 movie training animal acting art animal intelligence
The sense of smell can be improved through training, a study on rats suggests. The study also suggests if we do not use our sense of smell, we begin to lose it.


 smell olfaction nose brain training rat