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The multi-touch controls familiar to Apple iPhone users will be built-in to Microsoft's Windows 7.


 touch screen Microsoft Windows interface
Robots of the future could have fingertips as sensitive as those of people, new research suggests.


 whisker touch robot
A more likely explanation is that we have brains that perceive rather than we have eyes that see and ears that hear.


 senses skin touch hearing language
Sensations on the skin play a part in how people hear speech, say Canadian researchers.


 human ear skin touch hearing toread
Birds may use their feathers for touch, using them to feel their surroundings just as cats use their whiskers.


 feather touch senses bird whisker cat
Hand-held devices could soon have pressure-sensitive touch-screens and keys, thanks to a UK firm's material that exploits a quantum physics trick.


 quantum physics tunnel mobile phone touch probability
Swimming with dolphins may be sold as a life-affirming experience, but research shows that it can be traumatic for the sea mammals themselves.


 dolphin swimming touch tourism