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Saturn's moon Phoebe is almost certainly a primordial object similar to those that served as the building blocks of planets in our Solar System.


 Moon Saturn Phoebe time capsule solar system
Will Earth still be inhabited 50,000 years from now? A French organization thinks so. In fact, it's confident enough to send those future dwellers a gift from space.


 KEO time capsule orbit space
There are thousands of time capsules buried by school children, civic leaders, colleges, and hospitals across the country every year in the United States. It's fueled by that indomitable optimism about the future we humans seem to have. We bury things and think future generations will find them - and care.


 time capsule time message future
Russia is sending a mini-submarine to explore the ocean floor below the North Pole and find evidence to support its claims to Arctic territory.


 border nation state Russia North Pole Arctic Ocean oil flag time capsule