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If you stop typing for more than five seconds, all progress will be lost. Because 'tis better to have written and lost, than never to have written at all.
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How George, once upon a time, got up early in the morning ... George said that the same kind of thing, only worse, had happened to him some eighteen months ago, when he was lodging by himself in the house of a certain Mrs. Gippings. He said his watch went wrong one evening, and stopped at a quarter-past eight. He did not know this at the time because, for some reason or other, he forgot to wind it up when he went to bed (an unusual...
 time watch
In computer science, the time complexity of an algorithm quantifies the amount of time taken by an algorithm to run as a function of the length of the string representing the input[1]:226.
 algorithm time complexity
Millions of photographs of the same few landmarks are uploaded to the internet every day - as travellers around the world take shots of famous sights like glaciers in Norway, Thailand's beaches, or New York's concrete jungle.
 time travel video photography crowdsourcing
Virtual reality can be used to give the illusion of going "back in time", according to an exploratory study.


 time time machine time travel psychology illusion brain
The inspiration for their theory isn't just an explanation for the Big Bang our Universe experienced 13.7 billion years ago, but lies in an attempt to explain one of the largest mysteries in physics - why time seems to move in one direction. The laws that govern physics on a microscopic scale are completely reversible, and yet, "no one gets confused about which is yesterday and which is tomorrow". Physicists have long blamed...


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How do we behave when our basic assumptions about standard social conduct in a public place are significantly challenged? At the exact same moment, 207 people suddenly "froze" in place in New York's Grand Central Station for five minutes in what might be described as large-scale performance art. The reactions of other people around these 207 are fascinating to watch.
 time flash mob
Some of the country's Buddhist clergy are rejoicing at the prospect of a change because they say Sri Lanka's old time fitted better with their rituals. ... After this change I feel that many troubles have been caused to Sri Lanka. Tsunamis and other natural disasters have been taking place.


 religion time calendar Sri Lanka
The central circadian clock resides in the hypothalamus in the brain, he added. It keeps in touch with the outside world by means of light signals from the eyes, and then synchronises numerous other peripheral clocks in tissues around the body such as the heart, liver and gut. ... It now appears that virtually all cells in the body have their own ticking circadian clock, including skin cells.


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There are thousands of time capsules buried by school children, civic leaders, colleges, and hospitals across the country every year in the United States. It's fueled by that indomitable optimism about the future we humans seem to have. We bury things and think future generations will find them - and care.


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The [supertree] is a new way of showing all the mammal species on the planet, starting with a common ancestor.
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Imagine if you could see time laid out in front of you, or surrounding your body. And you could physically point to specific dates in space.


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