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The true scale of the theft of overseas aid money by corrupt foreign regimes is disclosed in leaked documents obtained by The Daily Telegraph. Tens of millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money has been pocketed by their ministers and officials, much of it used to buy luxury goods.


 WikiLeaks Africa development aid theft embezzlement
A thief who climbed into a Bristol clothes recycling skip had to be rescued by firefighters after his exploits were caught on CCTV.


 clothes theft incredible poverty UK video
A video of the Czech president pocketing a ceremonial pen on a state visit to Chile has become an YouTube hit, attracting 1.5 million views. The clip shows Vaclav Klaus admiring the jewel-encrusted pen at a news conference with the Chilean president, before discreetly stashing it away.


 Czech Republic shame Václav Klaus president Chile pen theft video viral
California police recovered a stolen laptop after a software program sent its owner the suspect's location and photograph taken on the Mac's camera.


 theft software laptop police webcam location burglar
Two men in the US have been charged with cutting up a steel bridge and selling it for scrap.


 metal recycling theft
The US space agency Nasa recently announced that many of the Moon rocks brought back to Earth from two Apollo space missions have gone missing. They were given as gifts to the nations of the world. So what happened to them?


 Apollo NASA rock Moon theft missing
A Bitcoin website - which handles virtual currency trading - has been sued by four users who said it failed to provide adequate compensation following a security breach.


 Bitcoin currency virtual hacking theft