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The number of hate and terrorist websites has increased by a third in the past year, according to the Simon Wiesenthal Center.


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Burma's government says rebels trained abroad by a "superpower" were behind last week's bombings at three shopping centres in the capital, Rangoon...


 Burma Myanmar terrorism bombing Rangoon
Late last year, it emerged that the Pentagon had paid a private company, the Lincoln Group, to plant hundreds of stories in Iraqi newspapers. The stories - all supportive of US policy - were written by military personnel and then placed in Iraqi publications. And websites that appeared to be information sites on the politics of Africa and the Balkans were found to be run by the Pentagon. But the true extent of the Pentagon's...


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They have the merit badges in camping and woodcraft, now American Boy Scouts are able to prove their proficiency in anti-terrorism. ... Thousands of teenagers are participating in a law enforcement programme designed to give them the skills to counter terrorism, illegal immigration and gunmen on university campuses.


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A top adviser to John McCain has apologised for saying a terrorist strike on the US would benefit the Republican presidential candidate.


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The final mystery of 9/11 will soon be solved, according to US experts investigating the collapse of the third tower at the World Trade Center.
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The Conspiracy Files investigates whether the Oklahoma City bombing was the work of lone bomber Tim McVeigh, a decorated Gulf War veteran, or whether there were others involved who are being protected in a government cover-up.


 Oklahoma Bomb conspiracy terrorism
Police in the US city of Boston are investigating a major American media corporation for causing a security alert that closed bridges and roads.


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