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The Gaia satellite will be sent far from Earth to map the positions of more than a billion stars in our galaxy.


 satellite mapping star astronomy universe telescope 3D planet asteroid
The group believes the final budget for Hubble's successor is likely to climb to at least $6.5bn, for a launch that is possible in September 2015.


 telescope space JWST
The E-Merlin telescope has proven its capabilities with a striking image of a quasar nine billion light-years away. E-Merlin is an array of seven linked UK radio telescopes, updated last year with fibre optic technology that has vastly increased its power. Light from the Double Quasar has been bent by a massive object between it and the Earth, resulting in a double image.


 superscope telescope radio gravitational lens astronomy quasar distance universe
Scientists from 20 countries are working on plans to create a vast network of radio telescopes, the size of a continent that could reveal the birth of planets and galaxies, the mysteries of dark energy as well as joining the search for signals from alien civilisations.


 astronomy Square Kilometre Array SKA radio telescope extraterrestrial life array time time travel
A monitoring system for potential extra-terrestrial communication has been shelved due to budget cuts.


 extraterrestrial life telescope SETI
Telescopes looking for extra terrestrial intelligence should re-open within weeks after donors replaced income lost in public funding cuts.


 SETI extraterrestrial life telescope