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Singularity University aims to assemble, educate and inspire a cadre of leaders who strive to understand and facilitate the development of exponentially advancing technologies and apply, focus and guide these tools to address humanity’s grand challenges.
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If history teaches us anything, it is that revolutionary thinking can overturn so-called inevitabilities and impossibilities. But even when it feels like the end of the world, it's better at least to start thinking about the future, than not to think about it at all.


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The imagination of the science fiction author Sir Arthur C Clarke bubbled over with ideas about the future of science, technology and human society. Here, BBC science and technology staff look at some that came true, and some that did not. 1. Space elevator 3. Space guard 5. Atomic travel 2. Millennium Bug 4. Communications satellites 6. Earthquake prevention 7. Brain backup 8. People freezing.


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There are three views about technology: that it is neutral ("mere technology"), that it is demonic (inevitably moving humanity farther and farther away from some Garden of Eden-like earlier state of nature), or that it is transforming (humans are never without technology. And we are and become humans by interacting with nature and each other via our technologies). Most people consider technology to be neutral. Some consider it to...


Unlike a camera, flies and other animals can tune their eyes to the light levels of different regions of an image independently. In nature, the individual cells of the eye adjust to a part of the image independently in order to capture the maximum amount of information about the scene. By comparison, an ordinary camera measures the average brightness of a scene (or part of it), and then decides on a single setting for the whole frame. So...


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A new technological innovation, product, or service that eventually overturns the existing dominant technology in the market, despite the fact that the disruptive technology is both radically different from the leading technology. A disruptive technology comes to dominate an existing market by either filling a role in a new market that the older technology could not fill (as more expensive, lower capacity but smaller-sized hard disks did...
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Nobody quite knows how culture and economic development interact but it's clear that they do. Theocracies, for example, don't tend to foster technological breakthrough. If the only questions deemed relevant are those pertaining to a god, then other questions don't get asked.


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New technologies will be required if the world economy is to grow without accelerating climate change. Since the industrial revolution, economic growth has gone hand in hand with the consumption of fossil fuels and the release of ever greater amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere - leading many scientists and politicians to call now for a new, technological revolution. Here we survey options for power-generation and transport, and...


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Researchers have demonstrated a tiny chip based on silicon that could be used to diagnose dozens of diseases.
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The Kristo Asafo, or Christ Reformed Church, in Ghana, founded by Apostle Asafo in 1971, is renowned for its investment in agriculture, manufacturing and industry.


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The 50th anniversary of the first demonstration of a ruby laser at the Hughes Research Labs in the US.


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