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Israel has decided to suspend the payment of taxes and customs duties to the Palestinian Authority, a spokesman for acting PM Ehud Olmert has said. Ranaan Gissin told the BBC payments would cease because the Palestinian militant group, Hamas, had won last week's parliamentary elections. The Oslo accords oblige Israel and the PA pay each other for various services.


 Israel Palestine tax Hamas
Drivers could pay up to L1.34 a mile in pay-as-you go road charges under new government plans. The charges, aimed at cutting congestion, would replace road tax and petrol duty. Every vehicle would have a black box to allow a satellite system to track their journey, with prices starting from as little as 2p per mile in rural areas.


 tax road tracking pay-as-you-go petrol
If Barry Popkin had his way, sugary drinks would be taxed like cigarettes, and the levy would go up and up until societies were weaned off them and stopped piling on weight.


 tax sugar drink obesity
Online tools can now help citizens curious about what their taxes are being spent on.


 democracy government direct democracy Internet tax
The pilot of a plane which crashed into an office block in Austin, Texas, left a note expressing his anger at federal tax authorities, police say. Police are linking the apparent suicide note left online to Joseph Andrew Stack, the man named as the pilot. The note criticised the Internal Revenue Service - based inside the office block and declared: "Violence is the only answer."


 tax USA airplane suicide revenge
Banks and other financial institutions face paying two new taxes to fund future bail-outs


 IMF tax bank insurance bancrupt
With Italy facing the prospect of drastic cuts to balance its budget in the years to come, a growing number of ordinary Italians are criticising massive tax breaks given to the Roman Catholic Church.


 Vatican tax evasion religion property Italy Rome economy
French actor Gerard Depardieu says he is handing back his French passport after the prime minister criticised him for moving to Belgium to avoid taxes.


 Gerard Depardieu tax France Belgium