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An East Sussex man who chopped his left arm off with a chainsaw has described having it re-attached as like "winning the lottery".
 replantation amputation limb surgery
US surgeons say they have successfully removed a healthy donor kidney through a small incision in the back of the donor's vagina.
 surgery vagina kidney donor
A doctor in Australia used a household drill to bore into a boy's skull and drain it of blood clots as his local hospital lacked the required tools.
 drill trepanation skull brain bicycle surgery
A cat who was fitted with metal plates in all four legs after surviving two 21ft falls has been dubbed "bionic".


 cat surgery incredible survival
Whether in Asia or the Arab world, an unknown number of women face an agonising problem having broken a deep taboo. They've had sex outside marriage and if found out, risk being ostracised by their communities, or even murdered. Sonia underwent surgery to reconnect her hymen Sonia says she considered suicide after her first sexual relationship Now more and more of them are undergoing surgery to re-connect their hymens and hide the any...


 virgin Islam hymen sex surgery France
A Saudi judge is reported to have asked hospitals if it is possible to cut the spinal cord of the man, found guilty of paralysing another man in a fight.


 spinal cord spine Saudi Arabia surgery punishment Islam
Heart surgeons are using extreme cooling to allow them to stop a patient's heart long enough to carry out surgery and then revive them.


 freeze heart medicine suspended animation hibernation health surgery
Eight Italian doctors have been sentenced to prison for carrying out dozens of unnecessary operations for financial gain.


 Italy surgery medicine business
A Vietnamese man is in a stable condition in hospital after doctors removed a giant tumour which weighed far more than the rest of his body.


 Vietnam tumour surgery incredible