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An Italian economist says his flight was delayed after a fellow passenger saw him working on a differential equation and alerted the cabin crew. Guido Menzio was taken off and questioned by agents who did not identify themselves, after the woman next to him said she felt ill.
 stupidity superficial mathematics superstition terrorism
Homeopathy has a proven track record of treating and preventing serious epidemic diseases. It’s used by governments for dengue fever, leptospirosis, epidemic fever, malaria, and Japanese encephalitis epidemics, and, historically, for other serious contagious diseases.
 superstition lying medicine health cure homeopathy deception dishonesty pseudoscience healing petition
Over 3,000 idiots and counting. This is the intersection of Hanlon’s Razor with Clarke’s third law: any sufficiently advanced incompetence is indistinguishable from malice.
 superstition lying medicine health cure homeopathy deception dishonesty pseudoscience healing petition
An Indian man who made his name exposing the "miraculous" feats of holy men as tricks has fled the country after being accused of blasphemy. Now in self-imposed exile in Finland, he fears jail - or even assassination - if he returns.
 miracle religion witchdoctor superstition
If roses won't do the trick, try Saint Raphael suggests the Catholic Church.


 love Saint Valentine Saint Raphael Catholic Church superstition
Those found engaging in superstitious activities could be fined $200. Tomáš J. Fülöpp : I wonder, didn't the witches see this coming? :-)


 superstition Tajikistan witch
Thousands of people have demonstrated in support of a Moroccan newspaper which claimed that the tsunami was an act of divine retribution.


 superstition Morocco
A federal judge has ruled that a history teacher at a Southern California public high school violated the First Amendment in calling creationism "religious, superstitious nonsense.''


 religion USA superstition science creationism
Essentially they believe they will somehow take on those characteristics of the donor.


 superstition organ transplantation psychology
... that the way in which humans learn about the world around them leads them to be predisposed to these superstitions. Children have intuitive theories about how things work. One of these theories is that objects have an essence, or soul. "If you've got a theory, it's very difficult to modify, and no amount of counter evidence will change it. We tend to have a bias to pay attention to those instances which confirm our...


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