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An Italian economist says his flight was delayed after a fellow passenger saw him working on a differential equation and alerted the cabin crew. Guido Menzio was taken off and questioned by agents who did not identify themselves, after the woman next to him said she felt ill.
 stupidity superficial mathematics superstition terrorism
John Cleese Explains Fox News (February 2012)
... and let him know, "hey dude, this butts for you!" This web site is being endorsed by radio and T.V. stations around America. Our Osama bin Laden toilet paper is made right here in the USA. Each roll features many of his pictures with all of the following slogans: Wipe out bin Laden! Listen to your mamma...wipe with Osama! If he wants to attack...he can start with my crack! If your butt gets to cloddin....use some bin Laden!...


 Osama bin Laden stupidity
The Advertising Standards Authority has banned the advert, which shows a young man wrapped in a carpet filled with oranges rolling down a hill and hitting a tree, after complaints. It feared children could copy the commercial and harm themselves.


 stupidity advertisement incredible orange
US politicians fed up with catching an eyeful of underwear want to fine those who won't hitch up their trousers.


 stupidity censorship USA underwear incredible dress code
American cinephiles will soon be able to enjoy their movies without sex, violence, swearing - indeed, without any of the interesting bits.


 decency movie censorship USA profanity nudity sex stupidity
Former Alaskan governor and potential 2012 presidential contender Sarah Palin has made a gaffe on a radio show by saying North Korea is a US ally.


 Sarah Palin stupidity North Korea politics USA president gaffe incredible