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US regulators have cleared the way for the world's first study on human embryonic stem cell therapy.
 embryonic stem cell therapy human
A boy treated with foetal stem cells for a rare genetic disease has developed benign tumours, raising questions about the therapy's safety.


 cancer tumour medicine stem cell
A cloned human embryo has been produced for the first time from a skin cell, raising the prospect that such embryos could be made to provide stem cells tailored to any patient.


 cloning stem cell human skin
Scientists have created part of the jaw joint in the lab using human adult stem cells.
 bone stem cell toread graft
US researchers have found a way to dramatically increase the harvest of stem cells from adult tissue. It is a practical step forward in techniques to produce large numbers of stem cells without using embryos. Using three drug-like chemicals, the team made the procedure 200 times more efficient and twice as fast, the Nature Methods journal reported.
 2009118 stem cell cloning
A technique which may eventually remove the need for matched bone marrow transplants has been used in humans for the first time. It is hoped that "master cells" taken from umbilical cords could be used on any patient without rejection.


 umbilical cord blood stem cell leukaemia cancer transplant
Stem cell experts say they believe a small group of scientists is effectively vetoing high quality science from publication in journals.


 stem cell science peer review veto
Stem cells were injected into the kidney, but the patient suffered tissue damage and died from an infection.


 stem cell kidney medicine
A stem cell therapy for osteoarthritis is to be tested on patients in the UK for the first time.


 arthritis knee stem cell medicine cartilage joint bone
Researchers have discovered a type of brain cell that continuously regenerates in humans.


 brain cell neuroscience regeneration stem cell smell
US doctors have begun the first official trial of using human embryonic stem cells in patients after getting the green light from regulators.


 embryonic stem cell trial medicine spinal cord
Stem cells taken from a patient's own heart have, for the first time, been used to repair damaged heart tissue.


 stem cell heart health
Dutch scientists have used stem cells to create strips of muscle tissue with the aim of producing the first lab-grown hamburger later this year.


 artificial meat muscle stem cell food