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Yeah, I know you thought your Hello Kitty digicam was some hot stuff, but believe it or not the kids at Darpa have even got that one beat. Called ARGUS-IS this guy straps a 1.8 gigapixel camera to the bottom of an A-160T Hummingbird robot helicopter. The device is able to hover at high altitude for up to 20 hours -- keeping tabs of an area of over a hundred square miles. The frame rate is 15 fps and the "ground sample distance"...


 big brother military robot intelligence photography camera resolution pixel gigapixel spy surveillance
The CIA estimates that more than half of the UFOs reported in the 1950s and 1960s were really American spy planes.


 USA spy UFO aircraft
Europe has become a happy hunting ground for foreign intelligence agencies, according to the human rights watchdog, the Council of Europe. ... US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has said suspects are flown abroad for interrogation - a process called rendition. But she has denied that torture is used. ... Immunity cannot mean impunity. Exceptions to state immunity already recognised in the case of torture should be extended to other...


 War On Terror terrorism USA spy Europe surveillance conspiracy
A distillery manager has told of his amazement after learning that US spies hunting weapons of mass destruction had been monitoring his whisky plant.


 whisky WMD Scotland War On Terror USA CIA spy
US President George W Bush has announced an inquiry into pre-war intelligence that said Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction.


 CIA spy WMD War On Terror Iraq invasion USA George Bush