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Space shuttle Atlantis has reached the Hubble telescope, orbiting at a height of 560km above the Earth.


 Hubble telescope space shuttle
The US space shuttle Atlantis has launched from Florida on what is expected to be its final outing.


 space shuttle NASA
US space agency Nasa has been left red-faced after selling off computers without ensuring that highly sensitive data had been removed.


 NASA embarrassment leak security computer data military weapon space shuttle
After three decades, the shuttle era is all but over and the United States no longer has the means to send astronauts into space. Nasa is looking to the private sector to provide a new generation of space vehicles to take on the work of delivering crew and cargo to the International Space Station and low-Earth orbit.


 space travel space shuttle future spaceship
It would be easy to laugh at Chris Nsamba, founder of the African Space Research Programme. For a start, his research centre is based in his back garden where there's not much evidence of the type of sophisticated tools and machinery I'd imagine you need for this kind of work. When I was there, most of the engineers were equipped with just sandpaper and paint brushes. They haven't even started work on the shuttle yet, at the...


 Uganda Africa space travel space shuttle orbit airplane amateur
One of Nasa's retired space shuttles has made a dramatic flypast over the centre of the US capital on the way to its final resting place in a museum.


 NASA space shuttle museum space travel