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Want to be part of the Solution? Or are you already working towards the answers? We want to hear. Tell us about the individuals and organizations, ideas and innovations you think are making a difference around the world. And if you've got a problem, why not post it here, and see whether our Solutions community has the answer.
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A claim to have solved one of the most difficult riddles in mathematics has been challenged by scientists. Vinay Deolalikar, a mathematician based at Hewlett-Packard laboratories in California, US, claims to have solved the problem of P vs NP. This has been described as the biggest problem in computer science; it is one of seven Millennium Prize Problems set out by the Clay Mathematics Institute. But maths experts have weighed in to point...


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The Idea Index serves as a tool to educate, network, and help solve problems. As an educational tool, the Index is full of hopeful, exciting ideas and solutions to pressing global problems.
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